February Update: What We’ve Been Up To

Happy Friday, everyone!

It’s been a super busy year at Moggy’s Mission. We’ve had the chance to rescue and house several local and non-local critters, as well as start up some fun and fuzzy programs.

Today, we’d like to thank our community for the tremendous amount of support they’ve given us, as well as the various media outlets who have covered our adventures.

For those who don’t know, here’s what we’ve been doing since last August.

Our Texas Trip

When Hurricane Harvey struck southern Texas in late August it displaced thousands upon thousands of people and animals. We wanted to make a difference for the better, so on September 22nd we set off for Hemphill, Texas, to bring back as many pets in need as we could to give them new homes. After successfully rescuing 22 animals we can say this has been one of our most fulfilling endeavors.

If you’d like to learn more about our Texas trip, you can check out this article or this one.

Goat Yoga

There are plenty of reasons to get jazzed about spring. For everyone at Moggy’s Mission and Charlotte’s Freedom Farm, the onset of warm weather means it’s goat yoga season and we are so pumped for it to arrive.

In 2017, we held two successful sessions at the Freedom Farm. Participants could do their standard stretches while being nuzzled and kissed by Charlotte and the gang. It was an absolute blast and we can’t want to do it again.

Find out more about our glorious goat yoga here.

Cats and Mats

Goat yoga taught us just how adorable and addictive exercising with animals is. So, during the colder months we decided to introduce our Cats and Mats Kitty Yoga. Just like our goat program, Cats and Mats is open to experienced yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike. When the session begins our Moggy cats come out and let us tell you, they’re not shy about interrupting you for a snuggle. The whole event is cuddly, relaxed, and a blast for all feline lovers.

Check it out here.

PAWp Up Café

Cat cafes have become a global phenomenon and we simply had to participate. So, from January 26th to the 27th , we opened our own. People could stop by our office and unwind with a beverage, baked good, and a bundle of fluff (a.k.a. one of our Moggy rescue cats). All proceeds allowed us to continue supporting these fabulous felines.

Plus, since our PAWp Up Cafe was so popular, we are happy to announce we’ll be bringing it back! Stay tuned for more info on our website so you don’t miss out.

Want to learn more? Take a peek at our preview.

We’re never bored at Moggy’s Mission and Charlotte’s Freedom Farm. The past few months have been some of our favourites and we’re certain the rest of 2018 will be just as much of a blast.

Stay posted!